Corporate Networks

We design and support corporate network infrastructure, from access level to edge switch routers (ESR), we also conduct audits, optimization, and migration of corporate network infrastructure.

Local Networks

We design and develop local network infrastructure, traffic prioritization (QoS), access restriction (ACL), local network segmentation (VLAN), dynamic routing, ensuring fail-safe operation of equipment and connections, and seamless integration with telephony and corporate services.

HPE, HUAWEI, ACL, QoS, VLAN, RSTP, IRF, GVRP, LACP, Bridge-aggregation.

Access Control

We set up central station control of user access to local network resources and the Internet, ensuring flexible rules settings for individual or group use, integration with AD/LDAP, access control using RADIUS (802.1x), two-factor authentication, access via portals, SSO.

Clear Pass, RADIUS, Microsoft NPS.

Wireless Enterprise Network (WI-FI)

We design and develop WI-FI (wireless networks), and conduct radio frequency analysis. We also set up authentication in public networks via SMS, network customization (voice, video, data collection terminals), provide billing solutions and traffic monetization. Our services include AD/LDAP/RADIUS integration, centralized access management, access restriction, integration with Firewall and UTM solutions.

Aruba Networks, Paloalto, Fortinet, RADIUS, Microsoft NPS, Clear Pass, Ucopia.

Internet Access Backup

This service ensures fail-safe connection to the Internet using two and more providers, traffic balancing, VRRP router backup, setting up high availability services for enterprises with online publication options.

HPE, Aruba Networks, Paloalto, Fortinet, NQA, VRRP, HA.


We help merge branches into a single and safe local network, providing remote access for mobile staff or home-based employees. This service also requires setting flexible and manageable access policies in order to differentiate access to corporate assets. And fail-sale connections enable enterprises to keep all their servers in one place and manage access in a centralized way.

HPE, Aruba Networks, Fortinet, SSLVPN, Fortinet ADVPN, HPE DVPN, Aruba VIA, Fortigate Client, IPSec, GRE, L2TP, OpenVPN.